In the majority of Martial Arts schools there are 2 ways to increase in rank. The first is belt test and the second is tournaments, or to say it more plainly; beat a belt of a higher rank on the mat in front of a crowd and a judge.

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Grading will be decided on the individual achievement and his performance judged by instructor in the whole tenure rather that on one day

Kung-Fu students learn   that Kung-Fu is an art that is not to be displayed publicly unless absolutely required, and then only to disarm or incapacitate. It should never be used to boast of one’s abilities or  rove” something. It has been proven over and   over, that martial art students who  deviate from this thinking almost always end getting hurt by a more skilled student because they picked a fight

At Kung-Fu we do not participate in tournaments. Our experience is that they provide a false sense of  security and encourage aggressiveness. For example,  if a yellow belt beats an orange belt,  now the yellow belt  feels like he can beat all orange belts. Often times, this yellow belt will now feel like he is better than other yellow belts,

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Who is to say that the orange belt was simply off, or maybe  ust not as trained as he/she needed to be?

 Kung Fu Is An Art That Influences Every Aspect Of Your Life

The Delhi Kung-Fu India art comes from the Shaolin. The art and philosophy is more than 1500 years old. You will learn many ways to improve how to live. Stress will decrease and you will feel a new energy. This will show in all aspects of life whether it be at home, work, or on the mat

Tournaments, And Why You Shouldn’t Do Them